Monday, February 18, 2013

TV/Fire Room Updated

We have finished the first phase of this year's work on the house.  The TV room has been painted and rearranged.  We spent four days working on this room - from dismantling it to painting and then putting up the new ceiling!  Those boards are heavy, but the new air nailers worked great!  I could hold the boards up long enough to nail them up.  It looks great.  It even feels warmer with the beams all covered.  Gray-C was totally confused as to what was going on.  She didn't care for all the noise and paint smell, so she spent most of those four days upstairs.  But now, there are all kinds of new things to check out. Tomorrow, we start on the guest bathroom.  The new wood floor should be down by Thursday and that will be the end of this winter's projects. 

I have had some time to try my new loom out and I can make some pretty good woven scarves now.  I think I need a bigger loom now, as one can only use so many scarves........  I am definitely enjoying this!!

On an outside note, the chickens are not enjoying the cold too much.  When it flurries, they spend most of their time inside eating.  Sounds like the rest of us!! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Snow Aftermath

We ended up with 11 inches of snow about 11 pm last night.  A lot of power flickers, but at least the power stayed on.  This morning, we spent 2 1/2 to 3 hours shoveling and snowblowing snow.  Our neighbor, Marvin, came down and plowed out the lane to the driveway, so that cut down a lot on the snowblowing.  Still an awful lot to do, though.  We have some downed tree limbs and the chicken run has broken cross beams from the weight of the snow, but that's tomorrow.  It's going to be a bit of cleanup.  The chickens DO NOT like snow.  They will not leave the coop after one's bravery scared her!!!!  Took some pictures before we destroyed the untouched snow.  It was absolutely gorgeous this morning!!  (Tempered with the fact we knew how much shoveling we were going to do).  Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17th snow!!!!

Snow today, 3 - 8 inches predicted!!  So far, about 4 inches.  These pictures are at dusk, about 3 inches and still going...........  All of this after 7+ inches of rain since Monday!   What a weather week.....